Aaron Brian Davis is a PhD candidate in the Logos Institute for Analytic and Exegetical Theology at the University of St Andrews and has served on the staff of parishes in Richmond, VA and Wilson, NC as a Christian educator. He holds a BA in Religious Studies from NC State University, and an MDiv and ThM from Union Presbyterian Seminary.

Aaron’s PhD thesis works at the intersection of disability theology and health law/policy to propose a theology of healthcare rationing, and he is writing a book for the Analyzing Theology series with Cascade Books (Wipf & Stock) under the working title Desire and Divinization: A Theology of Everyday Asceticism. He also works on topics in soteriology, eschatology, and Christology with pieces appearing in publications like the Journal of Analytic Theology, TheoLogica, and the Scottish Journal of Theology.

He is the husband of contemporary portrait artist Shelby Scattergood and they live in Scotland with their ragdoll and sphynx cats, Bumi and Raina.